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July 1 - 3, 2022

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
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Doctor Who Video Room

The Dr. Who Video room is sponsored by The Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who and Sci-Fi Connection.

Doctor Who Room Schedule

12:00 AM Room shutdown until 9:00 AM (9 Hours)
We're heading to bed because age is a harsh mistress. You get a good night's sleep to, and we'll be back after a hearty breakfast.
Friday, July 1st
12:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Patrick Troughton: "Power of the Daleks" (2 Hours, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Following the events of The Tenth Planet, companions Polly and Ben enter the TARDIS to discover that a younger man has somehow replaced the grumpy, irrascible Doctor. But soon the TARDIS lands on the planet Vulcan (no, not that one) and the trio are soon entangled in the resurrection of the Dalek race!
2:30 PM TERRAHAWKS: "GO(L)D" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Gerry Anderson's final Marionation series debuts at the Who-Net Room! The Terrahawks are an elite fighting force battling interplanetary threats to Earth in the year 2020 (you all remember the invasion of Zelda and her androids, right?) Ten-Ten!
3:00 PM THE CHAMPIONS with Stuart Damon, William Gaunt, Alexandra Bastedo: "The Beginning" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The cult classic debuts at InCon! Created by Doctor Who scribe Dennis Spooner, the title heroes are three agents working for the secret organization NEMESIS, who, during a failed mission in Tibet, crash their jet in the mountains and are rescued by an unknown group of monks. The strange saviors not only save the agents' lives, but also endow them with amazing powers of both mind and body, which they have vowed to use in the cause of justice!
4:00 PM WHO-NET PANEL with Mark "De Boss" Dooley: The Next Step for the Doctor (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
"Your time is heading to its end. Nothing is forever," Time tells the Doctor at the end of Flux... and indeed, we have one more episode with Jodie Whittaker before one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of Doctor Who takes place in 2023. Our question for our fellow Whoosiers is how successful do you consider the Flux storyline. And, with Russell Davies returning as showrunner and prime creative director of Doctor Who, what do you want to see coming out of this new era?
5:00 PM OUR SARAH JANE (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Elisabeth Sladen, the groundbreaking companion to the Third and Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, was taken far too soon from us as her popularity reached new heights, first with her appearance in "School Reunion", and then her own series "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Elisabeth's own daughter, Sadie Miller hosts a lovely tribute to the life of one of Doctor Who's brightest stars. Also, Elisabeth relates her favorite experiences on Doctor Who.
6:30 PM COLLECTOR'S CALL with Lisa Whelchel: "The Whoseum" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Lisa Whelchel pays a visit to Allen Machielson's Whoseum, an old barn converted into a breathtaking collection of Doctor Who memorabilia!
7:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Revolution of the Daleks" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Yas, Ryan, and Graham carry on the work of the Doctor planetside, while a plan is being drawn to free her from prison. Meanwhile, a former foe utilizes the remains of the Dalek reconnaissance scout to create a new Earth defense force... with horrifying results
8:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whitaker: "Flux: The Halloween Apocalypse" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The Doctor is assailed by a vision of the terrifying menace known as Swarm, an escaped prisoner of the Time Lord Division, and the coming universal menace "The Flux". Meanwhile, on Halloween, a food bank worker in Liverpool, Dan Lewis, is taken prisoner by a dog-like bounty hunter Karvanista
9:00 PM DOCTOR WHO WITH Jodie Whittaker: "Flux: War of the Sontarans" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
.The Doctor, Dan, and Yaz are transported to Sevastopol during the Crimean War, where they all briefly meet Mary Seacole before Yaz and Dan are transported away through time. The Doctor is unable to enter her TARDIS to track and find them. Remaining in Sevastopol, the Doctor realizes the British opponents during the war are now the Sontarans, with all traces of China and Russia replaced with Sontar!
10:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Flux: Once, Upon Time" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
With humanity now on the verge of extinction, the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans occupy most of the remaining planets. In the Temple of Atropos, the Doctor jumps into the time storm and stalls Swarm by hiding Dan, Yaz and Vinder in their pasts.
11:00 PM THRILLER with Boris Karloff: "The Premature Burial" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Edgar Allan Poe's immortal thriller comes to life. Edward Stapleton (Sidney Blackmer) is a cataleptic millionaire who survives having been buried alive. His loyal long time doctor, Dr. Thorne (Boris Karloff), helps him take precautions to avoid death again. Edward finds himself a scheming bride, Victorine Lafourcade (Patricia Medina), who plans to get him gone for good, so she can run off with his money, and her lover, Julian Boucher (Scott Marlowe).

Saturday, July 2nd
9:00 AM DANGER MOUSE: "Wicked Leaks", "Half the World is Not Enough" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Danger Mouse, Britain's popular cartoon rodent, returns with his able-assistant Penfold to defend Queen and country! First up, Penfold's addiction to social media leads him to reveal too much about Danger Mouse online, putting a plan to defeat the Baron in peril. Then, when Danger Mouse gets Squawkencluck fired from her job, he and Penfold turn to Count Duckula to make things right.
9:30 AM DOCTOR WHO with Peter Davison: "Warriors of the Deep" (2 Hours - Rating: PG)
The last appearance of the Sea Devils in the classic series until their return in 2022! On Earth in 2084, the Doctor and his crew are forced to land the TARDIS in the underwater Sea Base Four, now the target of takeover by two global superpowers. But determined to use this conflict to seize control of the planet are the Silurians and the Sea Devils!
12:30 PM ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A SCI-FI GEEK? With Mark "De Boss" Dooley (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Host Mark "De Boss" Dooley, the King of All Trivia, takes on all comers for a fantastic grand prize that will force its participants to slaver a little from the corners of their mouths! Alliances will be made, lines will be drawn, there will be blood... or was I just watching Squid Games?
1:30 PM DOCTOR WHO with Peter Capaldi: "Dark Water", "Death in Heaven" (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Clara Oswald suffers a catastrophic loss, while her boy friend P.E. teacher Danny Pink finds himself in the realm of the Nethersphere facing a mysterious woman named Missy. As Clara and the Doctor literally move Heaven and Earth to rescue Danny, they soon discover Missy's secret allies... and her shocking true identity.
3:00 PM JOURNEY TO THE UNKNOWN: "Somewhere in a Crowd" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Time approxinate.The short-lived but fondly-remembered horror anthology makes a long overdue debut at the Who-Net Room! With one the scariest opening title sequences in TV history, David Hedison stars as a TV news anchor who is witness to recurring tragic accidents, and always involving the same five people on each occasion. Based on the story "Crowd" by Ray Bradbury.
4:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Tom Baker: "Nightmare of Eden" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
On the stellar cruise ship Empress, smugglers are secretly trying to move the deadly drug Vraxoin just as the Doctor and Romana arrive. But then the Time Lord discovers the source of the drug, and it immediately becomes a deadly race against time!
5:30 PM THE FANTASTIC FOUR with Gerald Mohr, Jo Ann Pflug, Jac Flounders, and Paul Frees: "Menace of the Mole Men" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
We're still a few years out from the cinematic debut of Marvel's First Family, so here's a look at one of the earliest Marvel cartoon shows. Produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1967 and designed by master comics artist Alex Toth, the series, with few alterations, was adapted directly from the stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. In the pilot episode, Reed Richards seeks a safer place to perform his more dangerous experiments and may have found it on a remote, seemingly deserted island on the buyers' market. But upon the FF's arrival, they soon discover that this ideal setting is a trap set by the sinister Mole Man!
6:00 PM THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES with Elisabeth Sladen: "Prisoner of the Judoon" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
An escaped alien prisoner stranded on Earth needs to use a technology company's nanoforms to escape (and, thus, wreck havoc, naturally), a company where Rani's mom Gita just happens to be selling floral displays (with her headmaster husband in tow). The prisoner's Judoon guard and Sarah's teenage cohorts are in pursuit of the alien, while Sarah Jane herself is otherwise occupied.
7:00 PM FAWLTY TOWERS: "Gourmet Night", "Basil the Rat" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Arguably the funniest situation comedy of all time, Cleese stars as Basil Fawlty, the proprieter of Fawlty Towers, a hotel just nice enough to hide the grunginess below the surface. First off, Basil and Sybil try to drum up more business by offering a "Gourmet Night" to a visiting German family. Then, with a looming health inspection that could make or break the hotel, Basil discovers that waiter Manuel has been keeping a pet rat named Basil... who's on the loose in the hotel!
8:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Flux: Village of the Angels" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan find themselves stranded in Medderton in November 1967, where they meet Professor Jericho, who is conducting psychic experiments with the Angel-transported refugee Claire from 2021.
9:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Flux: Survivors of the Flux" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The Doctor comes face-to-face with the one person who can reveal her forgotten secrets, the Sontarans are planning on making their alliance with the Daleks and the Cybermen a one-sided partnership, and a sinister personage called the Grand Serpent becomes one of the architects of UNIT... but not as long as Kate Stewart is on watch!
10:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Flux: The Vanquishers" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The Doctor has her final confrontation with Swarm, Azure, and the living embodiment of Time, Bel and Vinder are reunited, and Yaz, Dan, and Jericho discover an unknown weakness with the Sontarans... and is it tasty!
10:00 PM THE TWILIGHT ZONE (1984): "Night of the Meek", "But Can She Type?", "The Star" (2 Hours - Rating: PG)
A masterful remake of a classic TZ, a hopeful note for the overworked and neglected, and the revelation of a centuries-old secret mystery are the features of a Christmas-themed episode.
11:00 PM THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES with Jeremy Brett and David Burke: "The Final Problem" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The celebrated series stars the legendary film and TV star Jeremy Brett with David Burke as Dr. John H. Watson. In this faithful adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's shocking masterwork, Holmes takes on his deadliest assignment... to bring down the criminal empire of Prof. James Moriarty, regarded by Holmes himself as "The Napoleon of Crime".
12:00 AM Room shutdown until 9:00 AM (7 Hours - Rating: )
Time for some shuteye and breaky! See you at 9:00!

Sunday, July 3rd
9:00 AM THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES with Jeremy Brett and Edward Hardwicke: "The Empty House" (1 Hour - Rating: G)
Jeremy Brett returns as "dead" master sleuth Sherlock Holmes with Edward Hardwicke as Dr. Watson. Called in by Lestrade to offer his meager detective skills to the asassination of the son of a British Earl, Watson soon discovers that he is not alone in the case, as Holmes reveals that he is alive and well, and fully prepared to bring down the young man's murderer, Moriarty confederate Colonel Sebastian Moran!
10:00 AM MAX HEADROOM: 20 MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE with Matt Frewer: "Lessons" (1 Hour - Rating: G)
In a dystopian world twenty minutes into the future, Network 23's relentless investigative reporter Edison Carter discovers that the metro police are arresting Blanks who are gaining unauthorized access to pay-per-view educational programs, the only source of education for homeless children.
11:00 AM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Eve of the Daleks" (1 Hour - Rating: G)
One of the last surviving Daleks of the Flux trap the Doctor, Yaz, Dan, the manager of a storage building and her only customer inside the structure. Unfortunately, they're playing the Doctor Who version of "Groundhog Day", caught in a timeloop and reliving their deaths over and over again. And the danger gets worse, as the span of the loop is diminishing, eroding the time they have to come up with a solution with every cycle!
12:00 PM THE WHO-NET DOORPRIZE DRAWING! (30 Minutes - Rating: G)
We hope you all have your tickets, because we have some really great prize packages this year!
12:30 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "Legends of the Sea Devil" (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: G)
For the first time since 1983, the Sea Devils return to the Whoniverse! In 1807 China, the infamous pirate Madame Ching releases a legendary Sea Devil chieftain from entrapment in a stone statue. The TARDIS crew may be too late to stop the chieftain from launching a plan to take back Earth from humankind!

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

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