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July 3 - 5, 2009

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Complete Guest List for InConJunction XXIX

Michael Z. Williamson
Author Guest of Honor
TV consultant and author of 12 novels including Contact with Chaos, Do Unto Others... and Rogue.

Michael Z. Williamson

Michael Z. Williamson (I have never ever asked what the "Z" stands for and Mike's never been drunk enough in my presence to tell) escaped the People's Democratic but Socially Engineered and Multi-Cultural Monarchy of Great Britain at the worldly-wise age of 7. He then survived an arduous four-year trek through the wastes of eastern Canuckistan to arrive in the United States just in time for the Great Blizzard of 1978, during which he could be seen laughing at Americans who were surprised by the appearance of snow in January.

After such an auspicious start, one has to wonder why the Carter-administration-era INS didn't catch a clue and deport him then and there.

Fortunately for us, the powers that be in that time frame were debilitated by a bad case of peanut poisoning and Mike was in the USA to stay. I can only imagine the horror that his quick wit and broader-than-average experience with the world wrought during his younger years. So I didn't imagine. I asked. During his school years, Mike was mostly bored, dealing with a forced march through the public school system, victimized by bullies, all in all a fairly standard trip. Except that he was also possessed of a sense of confidence in his own abilities and the kind of hubris that leads an individual to think of something they write as publishable.

Hey, c'mon. His first work was a "How to" paper on rocket functionality penned at age 7 on construction paper with marker. It ran to 40 pages before he moved on to a new project. Obviously destined for publication.

When he hit 18, Mike upped for active duty service in the Air Force. Guess what? He's still serving. In fact, he finished his latest released work while in a very sandy and uncomfortable foreign country. Because of all his years of military duty that have extended up until now in the Air Guard (and include a six-year detour through the Army Guard), he's gained a keen insight into the day to day workings of one of the most complicated organizations on earth. This shows in how often the military becomes the butt of his jokes that have anything to do with efficiency.

Mike and his lovely wife Gail (who is also an Army Guard combat photographer) have two wonderful and charming children: daughter Morrigan (who can beat you down with a stick and a smile and is known as something of a terror in her age group at SCA tourneys) and son Eric (a smiling, tow-headed self-deliverable nuclear energy packet who excels at city planning and urban renewal via Legos and whose kung fu lessons are helping to prevent being beaten down with a stick by his smiling older sister.) All of the Williamsons are heavily armed and should be considered very capable. Yes, even the bloody cats.

I met Mike virtually via Baen's Bar sometime during or after 2002. Then I met him in person at SheVaCon (apparently right before it became PaganDrumCon), thus becoming a customer of his cutlery business and a fan of his writing simultaneously via the purchase of a knife and a signed copy of Freehold. I still have both, although the copy of Freehold is a bit rag eared now.

Have I mentioned that Mike is the ultimate mercantilist? The pattern of obtaining cash from me for sharp pointy things and books seems to be set in stone now. Could be worse. The knives (and swords) are solid tech and his writing style rocks. Fair dinkum. Feel free to visit and let him pick your pocket, too.

Mike's writing spans several genres (including, apparently, erotica. Not that I've read that particular work, mind you.) He has a notable techno-thriller series under the Target:Terror banner from Avon. Under the Baen logo, he has published a quartet of novels from his Grainne universe (Freehold, The Weapon, Better to Beg Forgiveness, and Contact with Chaos), The Hero written in John Ringo's Legacy of the Aldenata setting, and a short story in the Future Weapons of War anthology. Not satisfied with dominating in mil-SF and techno-thrillers, though, he has also published three fantasy stories in anthologies based out of Misty Lackey's Valdemar universe. Added to all his speculative fiction efforts, though, are his non-fiction articles and commentary that have a broad distribution on the web and in print.

All of which proves that the one thing Mike has no trouble with is sharing his opinion, fact or fiction. In fact, he'd run for president but, as a naturalized citizen, it's just more efficient to jump the line straight to dictator. Look for his alternative governance campaign during the 2012 election cycle.

In any event, Mike is a man of broad interests both in hobbies and in the world. He can speak with authority on historical re-enactment, fine food and drink, the forging of blades, hand to hand combat of various types, and the pros and cons of the various moral and societal models in use around the world today, in the past, and extend their effects into the future.

To the point, someone you can always count on to write an interesting tale or to keep a con party lively. From his King Julien Crown and "Move it! Move it!" chorus to the ease with which he can turn a point, there's never a dull moment when Mike and his clan are around.

Darwin Garrison

For additional information, please refer to Michael Z. Williamson's Web Page.

Sarah Zettel
Author Guest of Honor
Author of Fool's War and thirteen other novels. Founder of

Sarah Zettel

Sarah Zettel is an award winning science fiction and fantasy author and one of the founding members of Book View Cafe. She has written fourteen novels and a roughly equal number of short stories over the past ten years in addition to practicing tai chi, learning to fiddle, marrying a rocket scientist and raising a rapidly growing son. She is very tired right now. Sarah and two other members of Book View Cafe spoke at the Library of Congress on May 22, 2009 regarding writing in the 21st Century and how web publishing fits into the literature/publishing landscape.

For additional information, please refer to Sarah Zettel's Web Page.

Robin Wood
Artist Guest of Honor
Renowned Fantasy Artist

Robin Wood

Robin Wood was born in November 1953, and apparently "teethed on Prismacolor pencils". She attended her first convention (a Detroit Triple Fanfair) in 1972, while a freshman at Michigan State University. She began doing art at conventions, leading to receiving her first professional commission in 1983 from Mayfair Games to design character cards for the Dragonriders of Pern board game. Then, in 1984, Robin met Anne McCaffrey and began discussions about how the Pern characters would/should look; this led to the publication of the book People of Pern, which was published in 1988.

Robin has also done numerous covers for Dragon magazine, as well as a number of book covers for Llewellyn Publications. In 1991 she published the Robin Wood Tarot, which has become one of the most popular tarot decks in the world. Other titles include The Robin Wood Tarot: The Book, When Why... If: An Ethics Workbook, and The Theory of Cat Gravity (with Diana Harlan Stein).

Robin was forced to take a hiatus from her artwork due to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 1995, which thankfully went into remission as of 2005. Remission has allowed her to go back to doing traditional art in addition to the digital art she began doing while fighting fibromyalgia.

Robin, in addition to her other artwork, now works on Second Life™ content creation, and offers tutorials to others via her website, Robin lives in Michigan with her husband, Michael.

For additional information, please refer to Robin Wood's Web Page.

Tom Smith
The World's Fastest Filker

Tom Smith

For over two decades, Tom Smith, The World's Fastest Filker, has been breaking hearts, crippling minds, and dropping jaws across the country and around the world.

One of the most manic people in the history of fandom, Tom can warm or chill your heart at whim and seemingly pull new songs out of the air. He blends comedy, tragedy, dark romance, popular culture, politics, religion, gaming, movie trivia, current events, and the occasional recipe with virtually every genre of music you can imagine.

His songs range from the slow and sensual ("Starlight & Saxophone", "Storm Dancing", "Pluto") to the dark and dramatic ("Hellraiser", "PQR", "Dervish") to the sweet and innocent ("A Dragon's Lullaby", "Take Your Hands Off The Bear", "500 Hats") to the flat-out rockin' ("Bermuda Triangle", "Rocket Ride", "And They Say I've Got Talent"). He has written in dozens of musical styles, from Klezmer to opera to Zappa pastiche to gospel choir to hip-hop.

But mostly... it's about the puns. The grade-A, hi-test, godawful stinkbombs that make you choke on your own laughter. And the horrifically bad jokes that you can't help but giggle at. And the ludicrous yet somehow plausible situations that you have no idea where that came from. And the audacity with which he throws 'em around. "Smurfin' Safari", "Five Years", "I Want To Be Peter Lorre", "Domino Death", "Sheep Marketing Ploy (The Ballad of Fenton)", "Divine Irregularity", "Telly Taley Heart", "Honey-Glazed Ham", "House At Cthulhu Corner", "Psychic Voicemail Hotline", "Dead Potters", "Badger Pajama", "The Illuminati Polka", "Talk Like A Pirate Day", "Spoiler Alert", "Undead Happy Trees", "Lars Needs Women", "Tech Support For Dad", "Zombie Blues"...

And then there's the speed with which he does it. He can make up a ditty about virtually any subject on the spot. He has improvised entire concerts, and can't seem to let ten minutes on stage go by without making up something no one's ever heard before, including him.

On top of all that, he's carving out a bit of a niche market -- songs for web sites, especially online comic strips. He's written songs for Accidental Centaurs, Something Positive, Girl Genius, Anthrozine, and a couple of others we can't even talk about yet.

So far, Tom's got sixteen albums, fourteen Pegasus Awards for Excellence in Filk, an animated music video ("Enterprising Man" from the second Babylon Park video) and a spot in the Filk Hall of Fame. He's all over the internet -- you can find him at: his home page, his LiveJournal page, his MySpace page, or at The Funny Music Project.

Long and short of it: If you have heard him before, you know you've got to be there. If you haven't, check it out, join the party, and live the Myth of Smith!

For additional information, please refer to Tom Smith's Web Page.

Maurice Broaddus
Featured Guest
Award Winning Horror Author and member of the Indiana Horror Writers

Maurice Broaddus

Author of Black Frontiers in the collection Voices From the Other Side (Dark Dreams II) edited by Brandon Massey, Since We Can Die But Once in the collection DeathGrip: Exit Laughing edited by Walt Hicks, Morphean Affairs in the collection Crossings edited by Morgan Powell, A Dog's Day and Dead Love both in the collection Small Bites edited by Garrett Peck and Keith Gouveia, and other nonfiction works.

For additional information, please refer to Maurice Broaddus's Web Page.

Sarah Canfield-Fuller
Featured Guest
SFRA Award-Winning SF Scholar

SFRA award-winning SF scholar Sarah Canfield-Fuller specializes in Victorian SF who teaches SF and fantasy in her college English courses.

Travis Clemmons
Featured Guest
Author - Lecturer - Philosopher

Travis Clemmons

The business card for Samuel Travis Clemmons lists him as an Author - Lecturer - Philosopher - Time Traveler - Public Nuisance - Sometime Ne'er Do Well. The man claims to be an "Alternate Reality Counterpart" of the man that everyone knows as Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens). Yes this is all a load of bullfeathers ... But you've got to start a biography somewhere.

The man who created the character of Samuel Travis Clemmons was born and raised in Central Kentucky. Being someone who loves an intricately woven tall tale (the more absurd the better) he wrote and began performing a comedy routine called Marc Twain: The Time Traveler. In order to keep his storytelling from being railroaded into following the actual events of Mark Twain's life, he decided it would be best to create a fictional Marc Twain who had been born in an alternate realm of existence.

So if a friend tells you that he's headed to a science fiction convention to meet Marc Twain ... Ask him to spell the first name before you call him a liar.

For additional information, please refer to Travis Clemmons's Web Page.

Mark Dooley
Featured Guest
Founder of The Whoosier Network

Mark C. Dooley wears many hats. He has been "De Boss" of the Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who Connection for the better part of fifteen years, as well as the publisher and editor of the club newsletter "The Gallifreyan Gazette". He is the award-winning artist and writer of the fan comic strip "Whoom County" and the acclaimed comic book and comic strip "The Actual, Semi-True Adventures of Mark and Dee", which can be found on his Myspace page. He lives in marital bliss in Columbus, Indiana with his wife Deena and their two flea-bearin' varmints cats Samson and Syryn. He'd really like to have a puppy.

For additional information, please refer to Mark Dooley's Web Page.

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
Featured Guest
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Author

TammyJo Eckhart, PhD

TammyJo Eckhart's fiction has appeared in anthologies from Circlet Press, Greenery Press, Blue Moon and Ravenous Romance. Six collections of her fiction have also been published. "Mistress Loves Me, This I Know" from Python University Productions (2009) is her seventh book in print and contains science fiction, fantasy, historical ficition, and horror short stories. "Servants of Destiny" (2006 Nazca Plains) was her first novel, a sword and sorcery story with a few twists. Currently she is finishing a new book, "Day Unto Night," about the power and problems of vampires and those who serve them; two stories from this collection are also being published in Ravenous Romance books. A huge but picky science fiction, fantasy, horror, and slash fan, Eckhart is also a prolific book reviewer writing 3-6 reviews a month for various publications. Active in the BDSM community since 1993, her essay on feminism and BDSM is widely cited online whenever questions about these topics arise.

Feel free to learn more about her at or follow her latest adventures at

For additional information, please refer to TammyJo Eckhart, PhD's Web Page.

Jonathan Fesmire
Featured Guest
CG Artist and Author of Children of Rhatlan, Seeds of Vision and Tamshi's Imp.

In a previous life, Jonathan Fesmire was an avid writer of fantasy stories. With three novels and a short story anthology to his credit, one might think he would keep churning out books. However, he then discovered digital art, and has never been the same.

While he still types up the occasional story or article, Jonathan now focuses his creative efforts on his studies of animation, CG modeling, and visual effects, as well as drawing. Of course, he prefers to work with fantasy of science fiction themes! He is currently an MFA student at the Academy of Art University focusing on CG modeling and animation.

Early success in CG art came quickly for Mr. Fesmire. He has done commissioned book covers, created an animated Erec Rex video for author Kaza Kingsley, and even won the grand prize ($11,000!) for his one minute video, Harvey's Jedi Application.

Joe Greene
Featured Guest
Costumer and Robotics and LEGO® Enthusiast

Joe Greene

Joe 'Volg Clawtooth' Greene: Amateur roboticist, LEGO® addict, and costumer. A Critter Crunch veteran since 1995 (OK, so I missed a few), with his robots built from 100% genuine LEGO® parts. Author of the Critter Course rules based upon the original Critter Crunch rules, his exploits also include captain of the winning team of the LEGO® Imperial Star Destroyer Speed Build Contest at Star Wars Celebration III and MC for the First Critter Course at Capricon XXVI. Being the geek he, is, Joe is always finding new ways to integrate his hobbies of computers, robotics, LEGO®, gaming and costuming.

For additional information, please refer to Joe Greene's Web Page.

Lou Harry
Featured Guest
Author of The Superman Guide to Life: Living the Superhero Lifestyle and the novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

Lou Harry

Lou Harry is Arts & Entertainment Editor for the Indianapolis Business Journal. Formerly Co-Creator and Editor in Chief of Indy Men's Magazine, he's the author of many books including In the Can: The Greatest Career Missteps, Sophomore Slumps, What-Were-They-Thinking Decisions and Fire-Your Agent Moves in the History of the Movies and the 2005 novelization of Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. His novel The High-Impact Infidelity Diet was optioned by Warner Brothers for a feature film. His latest projects include My Crop Circle and The Underground Manual of Office Dares.

Lou has worked with such science fiction/fantasy legends as William F. Nolan (creator of Logan's Run) and David Gerrold (author of The Trouble with Tribbles episode of Star Trek) and spent ten years as a professional stand-up comic. His plays -- including Midwestern Hemisphere, The Pied Piper of Hoboken and Lizzie Strata -- have been seen on stages in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

For additional information, please refer to Lou Harry's Web Page.

E. E. Knight
Featured Guest
Author of the Vampire Earth and Age of Fire

E.E. Knight lives in Oak Park IL and is the author of the Vampire Earth and Age of Fire books. He enjoys movies, music, gaming, and travel.

For additional information, please refer to E. E. Knight's Web Page.

Rosemary Laurey
Featured Guest
Paranormal and Horror Romance Novelist

Rosemary Laurey

USA Today best-selling Author, Rosemary Laurey is an expatriate Brit, retired special ed teacher and grandmother, who now lives in Ohio and has a wonderful time writing stories of vampires and shapeshifting pumas.

Rosemary's books include, from her vampire series, Kiss Me Forever, Love Me Forever, Be Mine Forever, Keep Me Forever and Midnight Lover, as well as Paradox I, II, & III with JC Wilder, Super Natural Acts, Southern Song, Country Pleasures, and Texas Bad Boys with Karen Kelly and Dianne Castell.

Rosemary also has stories included in: Sexy Shorts for Lovers, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul.

Note: Many people ask how to pronounce my last name. It's not really how you'd expect. The first syllable: Lau- (the "a" is a schwa: like the sound at the beginning and end of Alaska. The "u" isn't pronounced) Second syllable: -rey. (The -ey has the long 'a' sound as in they.)

For additional information, please refer to Rosemary Laurey's Web Page.

Steven Marsh
Featured Guest
Editor of Pyramid Magazine

Steven Marsh has been the editor of Pyramid Magazine since 2000, and also has writing and editing credits in dozens of gaming products, including TORG, GURPS, WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN, and MUTANTS & MASTERMINDS. Although he's been nominated for eight Origins Awards, winning four, his greatest achievement to date has been helping to develop the next generation of gamers with his wife Nikola Vrtis (also a gaming professional); their two-year-old prototype, codenamed Sam, may be destroying something near you right now.

For additional information, please refer to Steven Marsh's Web Page.

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.
Featured Guest
Mad Scientist and Pseudo Super Villain

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.

Rocketed to Earth as an infant to escape the destruction of his home world where his parents had been brutally murdered before his eyes one night in a dark alley, Rob's ship crash landed in a jungle where he was adopted by a friendly gorilla and raised to learn the ways of the jungle. As a teen-ager, Rob re-joined society and quickly enlisted in the army where he was given an experimental formula designed to create the ultimate soldier. After being put on ice for a number of years, Rob ditched the military and got a job at a scientific research facility where he was unfortunately exposed to gamma radiation, beta radiation, delta radiation, cosmic radiation, and a really nasty bite from a radioactive spider.

Well, sort of.

Rob's been bouncing around InConJunction for a number of years now and you can normally find him hosting the "The Weird World of Science" or "Top 10 Worst Sci-Fi & Horror Movies" with Jeff Thompson and Chris Canary.

As a mild mannered scientist, Rob's secret identity allows him the chance to develop his plans for world conquest while conducting some pretty twisted experiments. In the past, he's warped the fragile minds of college students at Morris Brown College, Clark-Atlanta University, and Emory University. Rob is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology at Ohio State University and the Assistant Director of the Cytogenetics/Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Nationwide Children's Hospital. He also currently writes a column for the Annals of Improbably Research called "Pubmed Goes to the Movies" which compares films and scientific articles that share the same titles.

Michael West
Featured Guest
Author of the The Wide Game and member of the Indiana Horror Writers.

Michael West

Michael West has written a multitude of short stories, articles, and reviews for various on-line and print publications. His first novel set in Indiana, The Wide Game, was published in 2003. A graduate of Indiana University, West has a degree in Telecommunications and Film Theory. A member of the Horror Writers Association, he lives and works in the Indianapolis area with his wife, their two children, their bird, Rodan, and turtle, Gamera. His children are convinced that spirits move through the woods near their home.

For additional information, please refer to Michael West's Web Page.


Also Appearing

Andy Andrews

Andy has been an InConJunction con-chair four times and has appeared in every InConJunction play but one for the last twenty years. He's a former President of the Circle of Janus and is an associate member of First Fandom. He likes to roam the halls of the convention late at night just to see who is up and what's going on. He also thinks peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are an endagered species.

John Belden

Originally from Arkansas, John "Beldar" Belden is a writer and small-town journalist, as well as InConJunction gaming coordinator since 2002. You can find him online at, and

Harry Bunn

Harry loves to watch sci-fi on Friday and Saturday nights and enjoys attending InConJunction as well as the monthly meetings of the Circle of Janus. Oil painting is another of Harry's interests and he is starting to do spirit art for his business as a medium/psychic and spiritual advisor. Harry is intrigued by metaphysics and believes that understanding Natural Law makes going through life a lot easier and smoother.

For additional information, please refer to Harry Bunn's Web Page.

Jess Bunn

Jess is a self proclaimed geek with aspirations of writing and a love of the sound of her own voice. She has many interests, too many to mention here but in the main pop culture, good food and fun times. Jess is geek who loves the company of other geeks and she hopes you have fun and come back.

David L. Burkhead
Scientist, SF and Fantasy author

David L. Burkhead's most recent story, Her World Exploded was published in the April 2005 issue of Analog Science Fiction and Fact. In addition to his science fiction and fantasy writing, he is a scientist working in Atomic Force Microscopy and has a webcomic, Cold Servings.

For additional information, please refer to David L. Burkhead's Web Page.

Chris Canary

Chris Canary has been a part of InConJunction, from it's "golden age", to modern day. A locally reviled fan of movies, comics, and oddities, and a pope in the Church of the Subgenius, Chris has worn many hats at InConJunction over the last several years, and is currently a student, seeking to better his life. Computer Geek, B-Movie Magnet (Bad... as if there were any other kind of B Movies), Movie Soundtrack Obsessive, and a former InConJunction chairman, Chris enjoys fun in almost any capacity... And we're not just talking alcohol here.

Tracy Canfield
SF Author and Computational Linguist

Tracy Canfield is a computational linguist who'll be at Georgetown University in the fall. Her short story Starship Down is forthcoming in Analog, but wouldn't you rather hear about her trip to Romania to do a presentation on translation theory?

For additional information, please refer to Tracy Canfield's Web Page.

Jessica Carrico

Biography available soon.

Wendy Carson

Penguin fanatic, freelance accountant, head cheerleader for Miskatonic University and veteran of fandom events in 10 states (and counting), follow her adventures at

Lynette R. F. Cowper

Longtime SF fan and gamer, Lynette has been helping out at InConJunction and a member of the Circle of Janus for many years. She is the author of GURPS Rogues and INWO: SubGenius. She also compiled the original FAQ for the Christian Gamers Guild and currently holds the positions of Vice-President and Newsletter Editor in the CoJ. She is married to Mike and mother of Megan and Ren, who are all avid fans as well. This year you can probably find her in the ConSuite pulling out her hair.

Mike Cowper

Mike Cowper is a professional geek. He has been managing the technical side of an Internet Service Provider for over ten years. He is (or at least was when he used to have time) an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. Mike has been attending InConJunction since 1984 and volunteering since about 1991. He is a past convention chairman and past president of Circle of Janus. He is an amateur actor and has been in many InConJunction plays. He also does game demonstrations for two game companies (Steve Jackson Games and Looney Labs Games) and is very involved with his church (Valley Mills Christian Church).

For additional information, please refer to Mike Cowper's Web Page.

Brian Davidson

A decades long veteran of on-line interactive fiction, big-screen movie enthusiast, and compulsive nit-picker, Brian was eager to help with InConJunction after his initial exposure, and has been actively involved in Programming and Operations since 1998. He has co-written two plays, acted in three, and directed one, for the "It's Not Our Fault Players."

Brian is also the 2008 President of the Circle of Janus, InConJunction's patron organization.

Anjala Dick

Anjala Dick has been a geek for as long as she can remember. Her mother raised her on Star Trek, in music, all the great cartoons of the late 70's and all of the 80's. She was also a choir geek all through school. She also instilled the love of all things geek into her son, Corey.

Anjala attended her first InCon in 2003 or 2004 (she can't remember as she has slept many nights since then). That is when she finally embraced her full geekness.

Anjala is an avid Harry Potter fan, as well as all things Trek and TMNT. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband, Dillan, and their kitty, Emma.

Anjala can be found at her LiveJournal page.

James S. Dorr
SF & Horror Author

James Dorr's latest book, Darker Loves: Tales Of Mystery And Regret, was released December 2007 by Dark Regions Press as a companion to his earlier collection, Strange Mistresses: Tales Of Wonder And Romance. Dorr is an Active Member of SFWA and HWA, an Anthony (mystery) and Darrell (fiction set in the US Mid-South) finalist, a Pushcart Prize nominee, and has had work listed in The Year's Best Fantasy And Horror eleven of the past sixteen years.

For additional information, please refer to James S. Dorr's Web Page.

Laura Edwards

Laura Edwards is a helpful Fun Police person, and secretary of the Circle of Janus club. Look out for sweets, treats, and essentials for your convention journey, and ask her anything. She knows the score.

Judy Eudaly

Judy Eudaly has been attending InConJunction since 1982 and has been Chairbeing twice and Department head of almost every department at one time or another. She is a retired biochemist/belly dancer. Her interests are so varied, it would make your head spin.

Jack Finley

Jack Finley is a US Army veteran, was goth long before it was cool, and writes chaotic horror. He always looks at the world through dark glasses.

Darwin A. Garrison

Darwin A. Garrison is a professionally published short-story author and editor of the speculative fiction webzine, Darwin's Evolutions. By dint of his disconnect with reality and the miracle of the "infinite typing monkeys" theory, he has managed to produce three short science fiction and urban fantasy stories of sufficient quality for sale to DAW/Tekno anthologies: Kyri's Gauntlet in Aurora award-winning Under Cover of Darkness compilation, My Girlfriend Fate in Fate Fantastic, and Firebird and Shadow in Something Magic This Way Comes. He also scripts the web comic Technosaurs and recently placed second in the 2008 Jim Baen Memorial Writing contest with his story Skipping Stones.

For additional information, please refer to Darwin A. Garrison's Web Page.

Elliott Gussow

Elliott Gussow was interested in science and technology at an early age and memorized Pi to fifty decimal places while in junior high school. He entered the Air Force after graduating high school and became a Meteorological Technician. After discharge from the Air Force, he obtained employment with the National Weather Service doing essentially the same job (upper air sounding). He eventually earned his Meteorologist rating, but soon after changed career fields to Computer Systems Programmer, working for the Defense Finance Center, Computer Sciences Corporation and Indiana State Government. He is now retired and is doing volunteer work at St. Vincent's Hospital. He appears in the Migdahlohr Production's Soldier's Song as the rabbi.

Michelle Gussow

Michelle, an indie film maker, writer and folk singer feels she shares her time rather than dividing among her many endeavors. She wrote and directed the short film Soldier's Song and is working on several other film projects. She has a column in the Jewish Post and Opinion as well as authoring the cookbook Just Desserts. Michelle is also co founder of Indy Artists' Peace Project where among other things she hosts their Indy Artists' Peace Project Live shows.

For additional information, please refer to Michelle Gussow's Web Page.

Scott Hann
Science Fiction/Alternative History Author

Scott Hann is the Author of The Red Menace, a Science Fiction/Alternative History novel set in the 1950s. Scott's in his 40s, single, and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. He was born in Washington, DC, while his father was in the Army, but the family came home to Indianapolis. In the 1980s, he served in the US Army as an Infantryman and remains interested in military history and affairs to this day. During his Army service, Scott was stationed in the Federal Republic of Germany and was one of the many Cold War soldiers to face down the Soviets.

In the two decades since leaving the Army, Scott has been a private detective, a microfiche delivery driver, a store clerk, a lab technician, and cab driver. While he hasn't finished college, Scott is working toward a US History degree. Scott's hobbies and interests include, but are not limited to, good cinema and reading science fiction, techno-thrillers, alternative history, and non-fiction history. His favorite movie is "Casablanca" and his favorite author (other than himself!) is Robert A Heinlein. Scott is a member of the Military Writer's Society of America and the Robert Heinlein Society and since 2005 has been the Blood Drive coordinator for the Heinlein Society at GenCon (Indianapolis).

For additional information, please refer to Scott Hann's Web Page.

Drew Happli

Drew Happli has over 15 years experience in the computer field, this includes network administration, desktop support, help desk, network design, along with just about anything else you can do with a computer and a few things you most likely shouldn't. Not only does he work on computers, he plays on them too. You are likely to find Drew playing Battlefield 2 (If you see HavenIndy in a vehicle, and are on the other team, stay off the road, sidewalk, or greenways), Battle for Middle Earth 2, Galactic Civilization, Guild Wars or City of Heroes/Villians. Drew also plays non-computer gamees and is the Cell Leader for Indianapolis for Steve Jackson's Men in Black. Other fan interests of note are Comic books (Drew has been collecting comic books for over 20 years), Anime, and Drew is a voracious reader. Drew first attended InConJunction in 1992, and started helping at InConJunction in 1993. So far he has headed A/V, Anime, Programming and Dealers Room.

Ronald Hawkins
Award-winning journalist and author of the Science Fiction Sojourns blog

Ron Hawkins writes the Science Fiction Sojourns column/blog for the Reporter-Times in Martinsville, Ind. As a blog, it also appears at the Bloomington Herald-Times and Bedford Times-Mail Web sites.

He also is a writer and news editor at the newspaper and has more than 30 years experience as journalist, including serving as the New York bureau chief for now-defunct Cable tv Business magazine. He claims his addiction to science fiction is hereditary. He would like to time travel, he says, to see if his dream of humans landing on Mars in his lifetime has a chance of coming true.

For additional information, please refer to Ronald Hawkins's Web Page.

David A. Henninger

David Henninger has been active in Fandom since the mid seventies. With a lot of help he started The Circle of Janus and InConJunction in 1979. He is an artist and worked in EMS since 1983, and has been an employee of LifeLine Critical Care Transport for 21 years. He is also a member of First Fandom.

Kathy Hohman

A longtime science fiction fan and Trekker, Kathy has been part of InConJunction (since it's second year) and Starbase Indy (since it's beginning). A geologist and science educator, she has trained in areas of seismology, forensics, and geology. Being of a giving nature, she gave birth to two daughters who were raised in the fannish lifestyle and began their training as go-fers at the conventions (Marta & Laura Hohman).

Deb Hunt

Deborah Hunt joined InConJunction and Circle of Janus in 1983 and has written several plays for InConJunction.

Deb is currently working two jobs - one as a pastoral assistant at a church (Westview Christian Church where the Circle of Janus meets!) and another job at a hospital in Pediatric Critical Care. This adds up to working 60 hours per week. So in what free time remains, she is a big fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia as well as Dr. Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars to name a few things she loves. She enjoys writing and art.

She recently achieved a Master of Divinity degree from Christian Theological Seminary. Currently, she has an essay posted on the Leaky Cauldron website on the topic of "Biblical Markings and Harry Potter" and is writing a book on theology and Harry Potter.

Stephen Kendall

Stephen is an SF fan, Linux geek, database administrator, and charter member of the Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who connection. His degree in general studies shows he has a lot of knowledge about nothing in particular, so naturally we decided to make him an InConJunction panelist. He also helps out behind the scenes. In 2006 he appeared with the "It's Not Our Fault" Players as Draco Malfoy in our play "Rowling Roulette", but after seeing his performance we decided it was his fault after all. The last InConJunction Stephen missed was in 1984, but he hadn't heard of us yet and was only 13, so we forgive him.

Melissa Kocias

Melissa Kocias is a conference and meeting planner by day, part-time bellydancer and samurai Avon lady by night. (Trust her - she's a professional!) When she's not managing the registration for dozens of conventions (or out saving the world), she is working on getting published in something other than a textbook or a peer-reviewed journal.

She has been a fan of science fiction ever since the neighbor kids across the street let her play with their Star Wars action figures in 1980. She sometimes has to play the You Took Me To See The Wrath of Khan In The Theaters When It First Came Out card when her mother, who is clearly a closet Trekkie, pooh-poohs any involvement in Melissa's lifelong pursuit of getting to use a functioning transporter.

Upon entering graduate school for the second time, Melissa turned the lens outward, and began studying fans and fan behavior. She did an ethnographic study of some Klingon groups, and has promised, after suffering one too many Dian Fossey jokes, that her eventual publication of the experience will be called, Klingons in the Mist.

Timothy Lane
Editor of FOSFAX Fanzine

Louisville fan Timothy Lane graduated from Purdue with a degree in computer science,which doesn't prevent occasional bursts of Ludditism. He found his fannish calling 20 years ago as editor of FOSFAX, which has collected 7 Hugo nominations for Best Fanzine (though never coming close to winning). He has served on panels on a wide variety of subjects at several worldcons, and he and coeditor Elizabeth Garrott were Fan GOHs at Windycon in 1997.

Tom Lee

Tom is a "semi-professional geek, full-time private geek, married to TammyJo Eckhart, and works for the Open Science Grid."

Ricky Lile

Biography available soon.

Lisa Meece

Lisa Meece has been teaching yoga in Indianapolis for six years to geeks and non-geeks alike. Her essays about the practice of yoga can be found on the articles page at She has been a geek her whole life.

For additional information, please refer to Lisa Meece's Web Page.

Vicki Merriman

Vicki Merriman has been involved in fandom for more years than she'd care to admit to. She has been actively involved in InConjunction for over 15 years in everything from the play to ConChair, which gives you a clue about her mental health, or lack thereof. Her background is in science and she loves to argue so becoming an attorney was a logical progression. She enjoys keeping the 'science' in science fiction. Her current 'guilty pleasure' is japanese textiles.

David Michel, III

David Michel has been a movie enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He has written and narrated many stories over the years, and recently been getting paid for his talent.

Cheryl Miller-Andrews

Former co-con chair, masquerade chair, program book chair, and club secretary. Urban teacher, former journalist, and lifelong lover of dogs, gardens, SF&F, and her husband Andy.

Dr. Karen Nagel
Associate Professor at Midwestern University

Dr. Karen Nagel is an associate professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Midwestern University in the Chicago suburbs. She teaches classes in biotechnology, dosage form design, and pharmaceutical compounding and has research interests that include natural product analysis. In her spare time, she teaches yoga, reads anything she can get her hands on, runs marathons (very slowly) and hangs out at conventions.

Ellen Patterson

ConChair for InConJunction XXIX, Ellen (a.k.a. indyellen & THL Maud Aleyns) has been a fan of fandom since she attended her first InConJunction 20 years ago. Her favorite fandoms are Callahan's (Spider Robinson), Babylon 5, Harry Potter, Star Trek: TNG, & CSI. She will read almost anything you put in front of her; she started reading the encyclopedia at age 6 & hasn't stopped researching yet. Ellen has also been an off-and-on member of the SCA for the past 22 years, specializing in medieval cooking & heraldry. When she's not helping run InConJunction or being a member of the Circle of Janus SF/Fantasy Fan Club, she is a mild-mannered medical software support/trainer with a teenage daughter (Jessica) and a husband (Tony). She can also be found online, usually at Live Journal, Facebook, and several message boards.

Tony Patterson

Tony came to InConJunction in 2001 and has never left. Tonay has a background in stagecraft with a focus on technical including audio and lighting. He has worked (albeit in the dark) with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Janet Jackson and Aerosmith to name a few. Tony is the current Circle of Janus Treasurer, and was formerly both COJ President, and Sergeant At Arms as well as the InConJunction Chairman for 2006 and 2007. Tony enjoys reading mysteries like Sherlock Holmes adventures and is a bit odd but really enjoys putting together financial reports and doing accounting for the club in his spare time. "If I were to be just one character from Science Fiction literature it would be Heinlein’s Evelyn Cyril 'E.C.' Gordon from Glory Road. The one word to describe my love of Science Fiction is 'Hope'."

Eric Payton

Eric received a B. A. from Purdue University with majors in anthropology and history and a minor in political science. After this, the same university dared to award him a teaching license so he could corrupt the minds of America's youth. To make matters worse, he's now an administrator. More importantly than teaching and administartion, Eric is a lifelong Planet of the Apes fan. His other interests include Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Marvel comics, and especially, A Song of Ice And Fire. If George R. R. Martin were to add talking apes to his story it would make Eric the world's happiest primate.

Randy Porter

Randy has been a Gen Con regular since 1979 working for several different companies in the dealers room. When he's not a booth monkey, Randy is also the official historian and Keeper of the Ancient Gencon Lore. Randy is also a knowledgeable space historian in what litle free time he has.

For additional information, please refer to Randy Porter's Web Page.

Veronica Rich

Veronica is a 20-plus-year "Star Trek" fan who has also dabbled in fandoms for "The A-Team" and "Pirates of the Caribbean," among others. By day she is a journalist who has covered everything in 15 years from wrecks to recreation, and interviewed everyone from school boards to Presidents; by night... she's Batgirl! Seriously - she writes fiction and fanfiction in gen, het, and slash genres. She helps moderate a few POTC-related LiveJournal communities and has moderated a couple of Yahoo! groups. (But in reality, she's a pirate who'd just as soon steal your rum as look at you drinking it. YARRR!)

Kat Robertson

Conchair InConJunction 30, Steve Jackson MIB, Looney Lab Rabbit, and pagan priestess.

Tracey Rollison

Tracey Rollison is a serial information junkie, freelance writer, and web designer. She designs, develops and writes at; designs and runs; is launching Blue Newt WebDesign, sings/screams in a band, and is a homeschooling ballet/football mom of three. She's also married to The Duct Tape Blacksmith. When she has free time, she breathes and sometimes sleeps.

For additional information, please refer to Tracey Rollison's Web Page.

Gail Sanders

Gail Sanders is a US Army veteran (combat photographer and human resources) who knows where the bodies are filed. She has a huge and eclectic collection of fantasy and SF, knows her mythology and medieval textiles. She also served as a Wiccan Religious Activities Representative for her unit at Fort Meade. She likes to take photos of cemeteries and gravestones.

Erica Schippers

Biography available soon.

Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore is a Stoker Award-nominated editor and writer who has seen his work published in a number of science fiction and horror publications including Dark Discoveries, Shroud Magazine, and The Writers Workshop of Horror. His first collection, Irredeemable (a collection of Appalachian horror shorts), comes out in the spring of 2010 from Shroud Publications. He maintains a web presence at Jason is originally from Southeast Kentucky, but currently lives in Lexington, KY, where he runs Apex Publications.

For additional information, please refer to Jason Sizemore's Web Page.

George Starkey

George Starkey (1963-2138) local fan turned actor, and long time InConJunction participant, is cursed with a resemblence to George Lucas, but as of yet has been unable to find a way to capitalize on this. George's film roles include Woodworks Films' Saving Star Wars (2004), Open Mic'rs (2006) and Pitching Lucas (2006) with Shane Felux (of Star Wars-Revelations fame). George is often named when someone says, "If I'm ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire..." as a lifeline, because of his seemingly bottomless well of totally pointless and obscure trivia that he can summon at any given time.

For additional information, please refer to George Starkey's Web Page.

Mike Suess

Mike Suess has been a long time attendee at InConJunction. His father first introduced him to Incon in it's first or second year and he has been attending on his own since 1983. He enjoys science and science fiction as well as a little fantasy not only in what he reads but also in what he sees on television and in the movies. His interests also include collecting (go and ask him what), reading comics, and an ever-growing DVD collection.

Jeff Thompson

With a list of qualifications including (but not limited to) b-movie maven, sub-genius preacher, amateur improv enthusiast, sci-fi fan, computer programmer and author, amateur prop and costume designer wanna-be, amateur astronomer, playwright, webmaster, follower of all things urban-legend and/or myth, past InConJunction con-chair, and hard-core chili-head, Jeff Thompson is either a modern-day renaissance man, or someone that will do anything once you get a drink in him. Jeff's been attending InConJunction since 1983 and has been working for the convention since 1992. You can regularly catch Jeff at the Top Ten Worst Movies panel, Video Trivia Contest, Sci-Fi Whose Line, as an occasional member of InConJunction's acting troupe (the "It's Not Our Fault Players") or preaching at InConJunction's on-again/off-again Sub-Genius Devival. If you can't find him there, odds are he's in the bar.

For additional information, please refer to Jeff Thompson's Web Page.

Kathie Thompson

Never thinking of herself as a Sci-fi fan in ANY way, shape, or form before 1988, Kathie has come a long way learning and participating in the local Sci-fi community. The first two years she attended InConJunction no one even knew Kathie's name, referring to her simply as "Jeff's Wife". Since her first InConJunction in 1988 Kathie has been a stage manager, ran programming, ran the consuite, ran registration (her true calling), was the hotel liaison for many years, is running the blood drive, and was even co-conchair (with her husband Jeff) in 1997. There were several years when Kathie was running registration for StarBase Indy in November and organizing may other departments for InConJunction, all while holding down the role of treasurer for the Circle of Janus and InConJunction. Kathie introduced the first "genetically altered tribbles" to InConJunction and after her husband recovered from the vet, food, and furniture repair bills due to those 8 kittens, she realized it was time to call in the professionals and invited Cat's Haven to do the job at both Starbase Indy and InConJunction.

Michelle Townsend

Biography available soon.

Mike Wickliff

Biography available soon.

Mark Williams
Local Fan and Horror Movie Collector

Mark Williams is the Continuum of Care Coordinator at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana where he works primarily with persons suffering from brain injuries.

In the early 60's he grew up a "Monster Kid", watching Sammy Terry on "Nightmare Theatre", collecting Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine and erecting Aurora Monster Models.

He has acquired well over 1,000 horror movies dating back to Edison's Frankenstein., and movies from nearly every part of the world are represented in his collection.

In 1985 Mark was the architect who developed The Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who Connection which has been a fixture at InConJunction for many years.

Crystal Wolf
Folk and filk songwriter

Crystal is a scifi fan and wannabe writer from Indianapolis, IN who commits drive-by bloggings almost daily at

For additional information, please refer to Crystal Wolf's Web Page.

Stephen Zimmer
Award-winning fantasy author and independent filmmaker

Biography available soon.

For additional information, please refer to Stephen Zimmer's Web Page.

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