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InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 3 - 5, 2009

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
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InConJunction Charities

Various charitable causes that InConJunction supports

InConJunction Charity Auction

There are two charities that split the proceeds (50/50) from the InConJunction Charity Auction. This year the two charities are the Indiana Literacy Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Please feel free to click on the links for our charities and find out a little more about them. Remember that both are great causes that use the money to help people in our community and promote literacy.

We're doing something new with this year's Charity Auction; We're splitting the charity auction into two sessions. There will be one session on Friday night and another on Saturday afternoon. Please check the programming schedule for locations and times.

If you have something that you would like to donate for the InConJunction Charity Auction please contact the charity organizer via e-mail, or in a letter sent to the address below, with a description of the item(s) that you would like to donate. Thank you.

Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive

And don't forget the Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Blood Drive for the benefit of the Indiana Blood Center, Saturday from 10:00am - 2:00pm in Suite 15. The Indiana Blood Center is a vital link in Indiana's health care infrastructure, supplying more than 550 units of blood to more than 60 Indiana hospitals every day. The nonprofit community service organization was founded in 1952 to provide a continuous, safe and adequate supply of blood products and testing services. So lend and arm and help InConJunction hit its annual donation goal. Donating blood is safe, simple and it saves lives.

Contact Information

Please contact our charity organizer via e-mail or at the address below if you have any questions or have something you would like to donate for the InConJunction Charity Auction.
InConJunction XXIX -- Charities
P.O. Box 2921
Indianapolis, IN 46206

InConJunction Charities Documents

The following documents are available for download…

Charity Auction Listing

Acme Archives Direct
  • Disney Snow White Hand Painted Film Cell (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Ratatouille Framed Poster (Retail Value: unspecified)

Comic Carnival
  • Assorted Comic Books (Retail Value: unspecified)

Fyberdyne Laboratories
Edward Endres, Jr.
  • Fiberglass Darth Vader Helmet (Retail Value: unspecified)

  • 7" DVD Player with Entourage Bag (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • First Season: True Blood on DVD (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Guitar Hero - Air Guitar Rocker Game with an HBO bag (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • HBO Thermal Cooler/Warmer - 12 volt for car (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • The Dark Knight DVD (2) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • True Blood Coffee Mugs (2) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Water Bottle with temperature gauge (Retail Value: unspecified)

Uncle Milton's Toys
  • Ant Farms (2) (Retail Value: $1.98)
  • Brain Switching Characters (5) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Jet Hawk Jet Glider (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • National Geographic 3D Projectors (2) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • National Geographic Electronic T-Rex Battle (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • National Geographic Moon In My Room (Retail Value: unspecified)

James Kochanoff
  • Fists of Fury (5) (illustrated) (Retail Value: $24.99)

Rob Pyatt, Ph. D.
  • 35 mm Movie Trailers - Several assorted movies (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Assorted Movie Promo T-Shirts (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Commemorative sneakers from the movie Death Proof (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • DC New Frontiers Graphic Novel (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Digital Press kits (these are given out to movie critics for films - not normally available for purchase) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Final Destination vinyl advertising banner (never used) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring figure set with Sam and Frodo (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Lord of the Rings: There and Back Again figure set with Sam, Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Bilbo (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Mego style Deep Space 9 Commander Sisko action figure (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Prop from Repo the Genetic Opera with Certificate of Authenticity (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • PS238 Graphic Novel (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • Revenge of the Sith Promo Baseball Caps (2) (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • The Godzilla Compendium (Retail Value: unspecified)
  • The Movie Monster Book (4) (Retail Value: unspecified)

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

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