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InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 2 - 4, 2004

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
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Author Guest of Honor

Eric Flint

Artist Guest of Honor

Mike Moore

SFX Props Master

Guest of Honor

Jason Carter

Glenn Shadix

David Winning

Director, Actor, Producer and Writer

Filking Guests of Honor

Barry Childs-Helton

Sally Childs-Helton


Dr. James O. Farlow

Watch this space for news on next year's convention coming soon!

If you, or anyone you know, had any difficulties to do with the hotel, its staff, or any of the other hotel guests, please send an e-mail detailing the problems encountered to Please only send first hand accounts of problems as we cannot address items without specific information. We are working with the hotel to resolve any issues and will post any information on this matter as it becomes available.

It is with heavy hearts that the staff of InConJunction must announce that Richard Biggs has passed away. Richard was a very special friend to InConJunction and he will be missed by us all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends in their time of grief.

"The theory is: if you are separated from yourself, you start walking and you keep walking until you meet yourself. Then you sit down and have a long talk. You talk about everything that you've learned, everything that you've felt. And you talk until you run out of words. Now, that's vital, because the real important things can't be said. And then, if you are lucky, you look up and there's just you, and you can go home." -- Dr. Franklin (Richard Biggs) in the Babylon 5 episode, "Walkabout"

We regret to announce that neither Anita La Selva or Robert Leeshock will be able to appear at this year's InConJunction due to scheduling conflicts.

Don't get caught in construction traffic! Check the Indiana Dept. of Transportation Major Moves Site before hitting the road.

Also Appearing

Fred Aiken, Andy Andrews, John Belden, Black Feather, Deanna Blair, Michael Blair, Rob Braun, Stephanie Braun, Joann Brooks, Barrett Caldwell, Chris Canary, Wendy Carson, Dennis Ciurej, Lynette R. F. Cowper, Mike Cowper, Brian Davidson, Cecylyna Dewr, Dagonet Dewr, Mark Dooley, James S. Dorr, Linda J. Dunn, Jeff Embree, Greg Fauverque, Patrick Greathouse, Drew Happli, David A. Henninger, Rob Hinkle, Deb Hunt, Marq Johansen, Thomas Jones, Gary Kitchen, Darrell Lane, Loyette & Lupi, MagicHouse Productions, James McCoy, Vicki Merriman, Chris Miller, Cheryl Miller-Andrews, Donna L. Neuman, Charity Nowling, Gregg Nowling, Ellen Patterson, Tony Patterson, Dr. Scott Phillips, Jeri Picha, Gary Plumlee, Randy Porter, Rob Pyatt, Ph. D., Mark Racop, Kat Robertson, Kyra Shidler, Mark Shidler, Theresa Shidler, Kevin Spencer, George Starkey, Michael Lawson and Tony Patterson of Starwave Entertainment, Mike Suess, Jeff Teslin, Jeff Thompson, Kathie Thompson, Samantha Thompson, Chris Umbreit, Frida Westford, White Song Eagle, The Whoosier Network, Mike Wickliff, Wild Mercy, Michael Z. Williamson, Gary L. Wood, Barbara Zimny, and many more!

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

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Send an E-Mail to the current Convention Chair-Person at if you would like any additional information about InConJunction. Send an E-Mail to the convention webmaster at with questions or comments about the InConJunction web page.

InConJunction is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention experience for everyone. This policy applies to all participants, whether Convention Committee members, volunteers, vendors, invited guests or paying attendees.

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