Thanks for accessing this page, but the convention was over in July. We've left in the info for your information.

Richard A. Knaak, Guest of Honor
  • Author Guest of Honor, Richard A. Knaak is well known to InConJunction and to fandom. The New York Times best selling author of the Dragonrealm series and Frostwing, he has written numerous books including: The Janus Mask, Children of the Drake, Firedrake (and the list goes on). Come to InConJunction 1996 and see what Richard is up to now!
  • Ray Van Tilburg, Artist Guest of Honor
  • Ray Van Tilburg, his air bursh, and art work are regulars at InConJunction's Dealers' Room. Ray has done several of InConJunction's T-shirts(not to mention those of most other midwest conventions and World Con). We are very excited to honor him and his art work. Come and see Ray and his art(and maybe buy a custom T-shirt or two).
  • Featured Guest: Michael P. Kube-McDowell

  • Michael is another regular at InConJunction. He is probably best known for his works Exile and The Quiet Pools. However he is also a member of the fandom famous Black Book Band. At InCon you can usually find him either filking, or in the center of the biggest group of hugs. If you want to know more about him, just go to his own Web page by clicking Michael.
  • Toastmaster: Arlan K. Andrews, Sr.

  • Arlan is a co-founder and a Vice-President of MUSE Technologies, Inc., an Albuquerque software firm licensed to develop and market MUSE(Multi-Dimensional User-oriented Synthetic Environment). MUSE is the leading edge synthetic environment (don't call it "VR"). Arlan is also a long time sf pro and fan. His ANALOG(12/94) story Twilight of the Guards, or, The Plowshare Conundrum is presently on the SFWA Preliminary Ballot in the Novelette category. He is also conducting Arlan Andrews Sr.'s Second Annual Story Contest at this year's InConJunction.
  • Fan Guest of Honor: Stephen W. Bridge
  • Steve is a long-time Indianapolis fan and InConJunction worker. He is now the President of Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona. Alcor is the largest Cryonics (frozen people) organization in the US. (Please, don't call them corpsicles.)
  • Special Guests: First Fandom
  • This year First Fandom is holding their Midwest Reunion at InConJunction. We think everyone from First Fandom is special.
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