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July 7 - 9, 2023

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Doctor Who Video Room

The Dr. Who Video room is sponsored by The Whoosier Network, Indiana's Doctor Who and Sci-Fi Connection.

Doctor Who Room Schedule

12:00 AM Room shutdown until 9:00 AM (9 Hours)
We're heading to bed because age is a harsh mistress. You get a good night's sleep too, and we'll be back after a hearty breakfast.
Friday, July 7th
12:00 PM THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN with Patrick Troughton (2 Hours, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Reconstructed from the original audio and new animation footage, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria Waterfield arrive in Tibet in 1935. The once gentle Yeti have turned savage and besieged a Buddhist monastery, under the orders of a higher being known as The Great Intelligence. After becoming ensnared in its plans, the crew join forces with Professor Edward Travers (Jack Watling) to stop the being and save the planet from conquest.
2:30 PM DOWNTIME with Elisabeth Sladen, Nicholas Courtney, Deborah Watling, Jack Walling (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
From the famed Reeltime Doctor Who spinoff series: Fighting this time, without their famous time-traveling companion, Sarah Jane Smith and the Brigadier investigate the New World University, a sinister organization seemingly run by another familiar face, Victoria Waterfield!
3:30 PM DOCTOR WHO with David Tennant: "Army of Ghosts", "Doomsday" (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Strange ethereal forms are appearing by the thousands all over the globe, and the Doctor and Rose investigate, the trail leading them to the Canary Wharf branch of the alien tech procurement agency known as Torchwood. Soon, the nature of the ghosts is revealed, a threat that could completely wipe out human kind!
5:00 PM TORCHWOOD WITH John Barrowman: "Cyberwoman" (1 Hour - Rating: PG-13)
In the fallout of the battle of Canary Wharf, Ianto is hiding a secret that could bring death and destruction to Cardiff and the Torchwood team!
7:30 PM DALEKS INVASION EARTH 2150 A.D. with Peter Cushing and Bernard Cribbins (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Today we salute one of Britain's national treasures, the late and beloved Bernard Cribbins. In the second of Peter Cushing's Doctor Who films, Cribbins plays a police officer trying to foil a jewel robbery, but when he enters a nearby police box to report in... well, things go as backwards as you can get! Based loosely on the original serial "The Dalek Invasion of Earth".
9:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins: "The End of Time" Parts 1 and 2 (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
Bernard Cribbins turns in a masterful performance as Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble's grandfather. Warned by the Ood that the Master is returning, the Doctor prepares to face his arch-enemy, whose revival has made him impossibly strong... and ravinously hungry! Meanwhile the Lord President of the Time Lords has found a way to save Gallifrey from the destruction of the Time Wars... by transporting the planet to Earth's orbit!
10:30 PM BEAUTY AND THE BEAST with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman: "Brothers" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Father's son Devin returns to the Down Below with a new friend, Charles "The Dragon Man", who he helped escape an abusive life in a low-rent carnival. Despite Charles' good intentions, his presence rubs against the grain of the tunnel dwellers.
11:30 PM FAWLTY TOWERS with John Cleese: "The Germans" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
With Sybil in the hospital with an ingrowing toenail, a moose's head to hang up and some German guests arriving the next day, Basil has his work cut out for him. After an attempted fire drill goes wrong and Basil lands up in the hospital with concussion, he succeeds causing much offence to the German guests after finally escaping back to the hotel.

Saturday, July 8th
9:00 AM DOCTOR WHO with William Hartnell: "The Tenth Planet" (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
The TARDIS lands at the South Pole in 1986 (surely you remember!), coinciding with the appearance of Earth's forgotten twin planet Mondas along with visitors from that world... the emotionless Cybermen! This story launches the Doctor's longtime enemies and the concept of regeneration. Chapter four, long missing from the BBC archives, is reconstructed using the original audio and animattion.
10:30 AM DOCTOR WHO with Peter Capaldi: "World Enough and Time", "The Doctor Falls" (2 Hours - Rating: PG)
As the Doctor, Bill, Nardole, and Missy answer a distress call from a giant colony ship, the entire crew of the TARDIS is placed in mortal danger from not one but two old enemies of the Doctor. But what side will Missy choose to ally herself with?
12:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Peter Capaldi and David Bradley: "Twice Upon a Time" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Slowly dying but fighting off the urge to regenerate, the Twelfth Doctor encounters the First Doctor in the Arctic, fresh from his own deadly encounter with the Cybermen. The two are soon joined by a World War I captain and a surprisingly revived Bill Potts. How has time gone awry, and what is the purpose of the entity who calls herself Testimony?
1:00 PM ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A SCI-FI GEEK? With Mark "De Boss" Dooley (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Host Mark "De Boss" Dooley, the King of All Trivia, challenges all minions of memorabilia to a high stakes quizgasim with a grand prize atop Mount Geekdom! Does your brain yearn for the challenge? Come and get it, guys!
2:00 PM THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH with Patrick McGoohan: Part 2 (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Dr. Syn is made aware of a traitor among his legions, and the quisling must now face the Scarecrow's justice!
3:00 PM BLACKADDER GOES FORTH with Rowan Atkinson: "Plan F - Goodbyeeee" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG-13)
The final episode of the reknown comedy series, set in the final years of World War I. When Blackadder, George, and Baldrick are ordered to go into combat, Edmund decides to feign madness. An unforgettable climax for this outstanding show.
3:30 PM Independent filmmakers (4 Hours - Rating: PG)
6:00 PM THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH with Patrick McGoohan: Part 1 (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
One of the great serials of the beloved Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, Patrick McGoohan portrays Dr. Christopher Syn, passive vicar by day, mysterious 18th century smuggler and freedom fighter by night Also included is the documentary The History of Dr. Syn It is an honor to bring this legendary serial to our new venue for InConJunction.
8:00 PM DOCTOR WHO with Tom Baker: "The Android Invasion" (2 Hours - Rating: PG)
The Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive in a sleepy English village, but the quaint Breitish paradise seems to be overrun with ominous white suited, armed men and the village deserted. What is the mystery that stems from the village, and may threaten the safety of the world? This was the final UNIT story of the series until Sylvester McCoy's turn as the Doctor in Battlefield in 1989.
10:00 PM SHAKEDOWN: THE RETURN OF THE SONTARANS with Carole Ann Ford, Sophie Aldred, Michael Wisher, Jan Chappell, Brian Croucher (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
The casts of two seminal science-fiction classics come together as Doctor Who and Blakes 7 alumni star in this 1995 feature by classic DW writer Terrance Dicks. Trapped aboard a solar ship, the crew of the Tiger Moth find themselves in the middle of the continuing battle between the Sontarans and the shape-shifting Rutans.
11:00 PM THE AVENGERS with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg: "The Cybernauts" (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
Superagents John Steed and Emma Peel investigate a series of brutal murders committed by unstoppable killers possessing unearthly strength and invulnerability. Also featuring the great Michael Gough!
12:00 AM Room shutdown until 9:00 AM (9 Hours - Rating: )
Time for some shuteye and breaky! See you at 9:00!

Sunday, July 9th
9:00 AM DOCTOR WHO with Sylvester McCoy: "The Silver Nemesis" (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: G)
Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the Doctor and Ace face menaces on three fronts: the sorceress Lady Peinforte who has travelled to modern times from 1638, a former Nazi who dreams of creating a Fourth Reich, and the Cybermen. Their link: they pursue possession of the terrible power of Nemesis, a creation of Lord Rassilon made of living metal and capable of bestowing life or death on any individual!
10:30 AM INDUSTRIAL ACTION: The Making of "The Silver Nemesis" (30 Minutes - Rating: G)
One of the best of Sylvester McCoy's episodes came out of nothing, according to author Kevin Clarke. Here is the development of the 25th anniversary episode!
11:00 AM THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH with Patrick McGoohan: Part 3 (1 Hour - Rating: PG)
In the series' conclusion, the Scarecrow plays his final gambit to rescue two colleagues from Dover castle and the dangerous General Pugh.
12:00 PM THE WHO-NET DOORPRIZE DRAWING! (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
We hope you all have your tickets, because we have some really great prize packages this year!
12:30 PM DOCTOR WHO with Jodie Whittaker: "The Power of the Doctor" (1 Hour, 30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
The Jodie Whittaker era of Doctor Who comes to a close with an unforgettable gathering of old enemies and old friends! The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan come to the rescue of a space transport carrying a valuable cargo targeted by none other than the near-unstoppable Cyberlords. Meanwhile two familiar recruits from U.N.I.T. are tracking down the whereabouts of priceless works of art that have gone missing. It all leads to many resolutions, and the arrival of the Fourteenth Doctor... but as the Eighth Doctor once pointed it out, it's not the Doctor you were expecting.
2:00 PM WHO-NET PANEL DISCUSSION with Mark "De Boss" Dooley: "Can Somebody Tell Me What the Hell is Going On Here?" (30 Minutes - Rating: PG)
We wrap up the 2023 edition of the Whoosier Network Room with what the future holds for the Time Lord, the Doctor Who series in general, the return of Russel T. Davies as showrunner, and the surprises yet to come!

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