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Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Marriott East

July 3 - 5, 2015

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Expo Hall

If you're hoping to meet with, and browse the creations of, your favorite artists, authors or musicians, or want to shop for that perfect item from some of the best vendors the fannish world has to offer, then InConJunction's Expo Hall has everything you're looking for. The InConJunction XXXIV Expo Hall combines an Art Show, a Creators' Alley and a Dealers' Room in one easy to browse location.

If you're an artist, author, or musician who would like to meet with your fans while promoting and selling your artwork, books, or music then InConJunction would be honored to reserve a table for you in the Creators' Alley. InConJunction would also like to invite any vendors (or anyone planning on selling items other than their own artwork, books, or music) to consider reserving a space in the Vendors area of the Expo Hall. See below for information on applying for space in the this year's Expo Hall.

Artists who are unable to attend InConJunction (or have too much artwork to display at their Creators' Alley table) are welcome and encouraged to display their artwork in the InConJunction Art Show. Additional information on the hanging fees and commissions on sales are available on the InConJunction Art Show page.

Vendor Listing

  • Isaac Crowe - Isaac Crowe
    A young adult fantasy novel by Isaac Crowe.
    Booth / Location - C1
  • BowenDragon1 - John Bowen
    T-shirts, gaming, swords, knifes, other weapons, and used books.
    Booth / Location - 13
  • ByeGone Eras, LLC - Coletta Barber
    Costumes and costume accessories from many eras, past and future.
    Booth / Location - 20
  • Castle Perilous Games & Books - Scott Thorne
    Assorted games and toys.
    Booth / Location - 12
  • Crafty Gamer - Holly Gingrich
    Unique crafts for the home such as all purpose bags, magnets, coasters, light switch covers, hot pads, jewelry, kid's activity packs, burp cloths, bibs, etc.
    Booth / Location - 5
  • Curious Goods (Wunderkammer, Inc.) - Tiffany Vincent
    Superhero, general geekery, and replica props.
    Booth / Location - 7
  • Ellistrations - Ellis
    Original artwork on laptop bags, messenger bags, t-shirts, and headphones, along with custom toys, custom figurines, custom jewelry, art prints, stickers and key-chains.
    Booth / Location - 29
  • Galaxy Creations - John Clark
    We sell costume Props and Banners.
    Booth / Location - 1
  • Greenware Dragon Ceramics / Pied Piper Chocolates - Janice Drake
    Ceramic dragons, gargoyles, fairies, wizards, unicorns, incense holders, fantasy planters, handmade jewelry, hats, bags, Japanese anime books, and the wonderful Pied Piper chocolates.
    Booth / Location - 25
  • Gypsy Reds Boutique, LLC - Tammy Vincent
    Pendants based on iconic and universal symbols, designed as a statement, or mini mantra, to reflect individuality, personal identity and style. Bico Australia jewelry is made using high grade pewter, fine silver, brass, authentic Swarovski crystals, fine leather hide, PVC, rubber, carbon fiber, New Guinea Rosewood, and resin.
    Booth / Location - 32
  • Helaman's Warriors - Jill Stevens
    Boffers and safety swords for all ages.
    Booth / Location - 22
  • Horizon Music, Inc. - Dave Kaufman
    Ambient electronic music on CD
    Booth / Location - 11
  • James O. Barnes - James Barnes
    Books by Loconeal Publishing authors. Loconeal Publishing is a multi-genre publisher of fiction, non-fiction, and books for children. Loconeal Publishing's publisher, James O. Barnes, will also be available for publishing related questions.
    Booth / Location - 3
  • James Wylder, Writer - James Wylder
    Books by James Wylder, ranging from his beloved Doctor Who poetry book "An Eloquence of Time and Space" to "God Save the Pres.!" a time traveling comedic play, and a short fiction collection.
    Booth / Location - C5b
  • Karmic Courage Productions - Kate Chaplin
    All seven DVD's of the films produced by Karmic Courage Productions and talk about in the panels scheduled during the con as well as four books. Also selling geeky bows and bead creations that feature Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, Minecraft and more.
    Booth / Location - 10
  • Larry Smith - Bookseller - Sally Kobee
    New books only - SF, fantasy, mystery, art, graphics, etc.
    Booth / Location - 36
  • LiLa NoiR Designs - Lisa Anderson
    One of a kind hats, fascinators, and accessories in a variety of styles, including goth, cosplay, steampunk, retro, bridal, Victorian, etc. Also offering some mens' accessories as well, such as tie pins, cuff links, and sleeve garters. Also available are fantasy armor accessories, which have been added to this year's product line.
    Booth / Location - 23
  • Mogchelle Cosplay - Michelle Mussoni
    Cosplay accessories including resin-cast cat ears, embroidered hats, masks, and cosplay prints.
    Booth / Location - 19
  • Obscure Links - Kimberly Majors
    Handcrafted chainmaille and fabric creations. Handcrafted chainmaille items include jewelry, key chains, lanyards, and wine charms. Drawstring dice bags in assorted themes and wine bags also available.
    Booth / Location - 15
  • PlotForge. Ltd - Terri-Lynne Smiles
    PlotForge, Ltd. publishes worthy thrillers & novels that encompass great plots, great characters, and great values. Whether based in science fiction, fantasy or international thriller, PlotForge brings you stories that question assumed aspects of our world and bring new perspectives to the reader. Stories that both entertain and make people think. Founded to assist emerging authors in bringing entertaining and intelligent novels to readers everywhere, PlotForge. Ltd. has become known among readers and professional reviewers circles as a consistent source of quality fiction.
    Booth / Location - 27
  • Prostetnic Publications - Luther Siler
    Print copies of the science fiction books SKYLIGHTS and THE SANCTUM OF THE SPHERE. Also some smaller giveaways items, such as bookmarks, available as well.
    Booth / Location - C9
  • RJ Haddy's Rad FX Co. - RJ Haddy
    Prosthetic makeup creations and supplies by RJ Haddy
    Booth / Location - 2
  • roll4damage - Dustin Clinton
    Hand-made leather goods, armor, jewelry, and costume accessories.
    Booth / Location - 17
  • RPG - Jessica Elrod
    Re-purposed items and art made from used computer parts and other recyclable items.
    Booth / Location - C12
  • Sabins Gadgeteering Lab, LLC - Matthew Sabins
    Wearable handmade art; custom props and costume creations with built-in light and /or sound effects. Items include jewelry, leatherwork, homemade elctronic and 3-D printed plastic constructions. Theme genres include Steampunk, High Fantasy, Superhero/Super-Spy, and General Mad Science.
    Booth / Location - 8
  • Silly Hat Books - E. Chris Garrison
    Science Fiction and Fantasy books by E. Chris Garrison.
    Booth / Location - C4
  • Speculative Fiction Guild - John F. Allen
    Books by John F. Allen
    Booth / Location - C3
  • Speculative Fiction Guild - R.J. Sullivan
    Paranormal trilogy books and short story collection by R.J. Sullivan.
    Booth / Location - C2
  • Starling Watch - Mira Hilbert
    STARLING is a Steampunk-styled graphic novel that tells its story through six wonderfully designed Victorian styled pocket watches, each endowed with special powers. Follow the time travel adventures of Jeff and Allisandra, people from different time periods that meet through the power of the STARLING watch. Adventure with them as they outwit the watch's evil inventor and find a love that spans across time. Purchase any of the actual pocket watches and dig into the entire graphic novel. STARLING watches are a precision quartz watch movement with a glowing light effect. Each watch comes with a beautiful display box enclosure designed by Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin. The six designs are collectable and trade-able. The watch battery operates for one year and is user replaceable.
    Booth / Location - 4
  • Starship Cat - Leigh Kimmel
    T-shirts, books, collectibles, Japanese cultural items such as tea sets, tea mugs, and chopsticks. Costuming accessories such as ears, tails, swords, and knives. Also selling boken, ramune and pocky.
    Booth / Location - 33
  • Steelbred Studios: Dominic LoBello's Art - Dominic LoBello
    Books, art prints, artist requests, and comic books
    Booth / Location - C11
  • Sundreams and Myths - CherylAnn Simshauser
    Handmade original design soft-sculpture mythical beasties, original and limited edition art, hand-colored bookmarks and few other small items in the mythical line.
    Booth / Location - 24
  • Tangitude Artworks - Mary Winters-Meyer
    Original 2-D artwork and prints inspired by spiritual mandalas, but with science fiction, fantasy and gaming themes.
    Booth / Location - 21
  • The Amber Fox - Richard and Angie Fox
    Amber, silver and semiprecious gemstone jewelry, gemstone carvings, and many other unique items. Quality items at reasonable prices.
    Booth / Location - 28
  • The Director's Cabin - Salina Billington
    We sew a variety of sci-fi inspired items, including lots of men's formalwear (bow ties, suspenders, pocket squares), children's masks, finger puppets, and hair accessories.
    Booth / Location - 31
  • The Shadow Farm - David Schilling
    Hand sculpted fantasy characters that tend towards the creepy and/or cute side of the spectrum.
    Booth / Location - 9
  • Worldmaker - Mark Wandrey
    Books and crafts.
    Booth / Location - 16
  • Yuki Pearl & Jade Trading Company - Michael G. Scheer
    Japanese traditional apparel, folding fans, hanging banners, anime related gift items, decorator chopstick sets, and other assorted novelties as well as Chinese hand carved jade statuary, sterling silver fine jewelry, and Feng Shui analysis and consultation.
    Booth / Location - 34
  • Matthew Barron - Matthew Barron
    Books by Matthew Barron
    Booth / Location - C5a
  • TammyJo Eckhart, PhD - TammyJo Eckhart, PhD
    Books by TammyJo Eckhart and copies of anthologies in which her work has appeared. Drop by to hear about The Chocolate Cult (a blog TammyJo has run since 2009 and which is read in over 180 countries). There will even be some freebie books available that TammyJo has received as a book reviewer.
    Booth / Location - C7
  • Aaron Haltom
    Fatecrafter is a roleplaying game inspired by the Tarot. Tarot readings available as a way to do character generation.
    Booth / Location - 30
  • S.C. Houff - S.C. Houff
    S.C. Houff is the creator of From the Files of the Department of the Arcane. This Urban Fantasy series, Magic and the mundane lived side by side. It is up to the agents of the Department of the Arcane to keep order in this world. The first book in this series, Spring Blessings, is available now.
    Booth / Location - 18b
  • Rhonda Jones
    Star Trek collectibles, jewelry, and posters.
    Booth / Location - 26
  • Neathery
    Copies of artwork as well as buttons and key-chains.
    Booth / Location - 14
  • David Lee Pancake - David Lee Pancake
    Artwork by David Lee Pancake
    Booth / Location - 18A
  • Daniel Strait
    Science fiction fantasy novels written by Daniel Strait including Trouganda: Silver Tears Book 1, and Zondura: Silver Tears Book 2 as well as posters and possibly a couple of one of a kind paintings based on the novels.
    Booth / Location - 6

Expo Hall Application Information

If you'd like to apply for Vendor space or a Creators' Alley table in the InConJunction XXXV Expo Hall please review the booth specifications and prices below, see the Expo Hall Floor Plan for an idea of the layout, then head over to our newly redesigned Event Planning Dashboard to log in or create a new profile. Once you've logged into the Event Planning Dashboard you can submit your application and much more.

Please note that tables and half-tables in the Creators' Alley area of the Expo Hall are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are reserved specifically for authors, artists, musicians, etc. that are interested in selling, promoting, and/or autographing their own works and would like to have additional opportunities to meet face-to-face with their fans and other attendees of InConJunction. To ensure that all vendors are being treated in a fair and equitable fashion, any authors, artists, musicians, etc. that are planning on selling any other additional merchandise must purchase a vendor space in the InConJunction Expo Hall. Artists that would like to display their works and make them available for purchase (in particular artists that are not planning on attending InConJunction or require display space in addition to their Creators' Alley table) are encouraged to contact the Art Show organizer to reserve space in the InConJunction Art Show.

If you have questions about the InConJunction Expo Hall, have suggestions that you would like to share, or need any other information please feel free to contact our Expo Hall Coordinator via e-mail at or write to:

InConJunction XXXV -- Expo Hall
P.O. Box 68514
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514

Expo Hall Booth Space Prices
6' x 6' (1 table)
Single 6' x 6' space with one table.
(Limit 1)
10' x 10' (2 tables)
Single 10' x 10' space with two tables.
(Limit 1)
10' x 20' (4 tables)
Single 10' x 20' space with four tables.
(Limit 1)
10' x 30' (6 tables)
Single 10' x 30' space with six tables.
(Limit 1)
6' x 12' (2 tables)
Two 6' x 6' spaces in a straight line with one table per space.
(Limit 1)
6' x 18' (3 tables)
Three 6' x 6' spaces in a straight line with one table per space.
(Limit 1)
6' x 24' (4 tables)
Four 6' x 6' spaces in a straight line with one table per space.
(Limit 1)
Additional Tables
Extra 6' x 18'' table.
Creators' Alley (full table)
A full 6' table in the Creators' Alley area of the Expo Hall.
(Limit 1)
Creators' Alley (half table)
One half of a 6' table in the Creators' Alley area of the Expo Hall.
(Limit 1)
Expo Hall Hours of Operation
(Includes Art Show, Creators' Alley and Dealers' Room)
Setup Times: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM 1
Setup Times: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM 1, 2
Open to Attendees: 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Open to Attendees: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Art Show Closed: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Open to Attendees: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM 3
Vendors are reminded that there is a 15 minute limit on unloading time at the roll-up garage door. Inventory needs to be moved to the vendor's booth space and vehicles need to be moved before proceeding with setup.
Vendors are reminded that the Friday setup time runs right up to the Expo Hall opening. Time should be set aside prior to the opening of the Expo Hall for the running of any errands.
Vendors are asked to wait to begin teardown of their booth space until after the Expo Hall has closed.
The Expo Hall floor plan can be viewed online. Applications should be received by May 10th, 2015, but we're always willing to be flexible and can work with potential vendors after this date should the need arise.
  • In order to provide our attendees with a diversified and quality Expo Hall experience, vendors will be selected by a jury process. Notifications will be sent via email after May 20th, 2015. Those vendors who have been accepted will have one month from the date of notification within which to finalize their payments. Failure to do so may result in your space being sold to someone else.
  • Convention registrations are not included in Expo Hall prices. All vendors and assistants must have an InConJunction badge. Vendors whose applications are received by May 10th, 2015 will get a special pre-registration price of $30 per person. (Those vendors whose applications are rejected can still take advantage of this special registration price. Simply contact the Expo Hall coordinator if this is the case.) Registrations can also be purchased at the convention for $50 per person.
  • Vendors will be expected to adhere to all applicable state and federal laws governing the sale of merchandise. No bootleg merchandise is to be sold in the InConJunction Expo Hall. Please refer to the Vendor Information Packet for additional information.
Apply to be a vendor at InConJunction XXXV via the Event Planning Dashboard

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Would you like to volunteer to help out with the convention? Do you want to apply to be a participating guest, artist, or vendor? Do you have promotional items you want to provide or items that you'd like to donate to our charity auction? Want to receive the latest convention flyer and be kept informed of upcoming events? You can do all this and more via our Online Address Book form. All InConJunction participants (both approved and those pending approval) can login and update their Participant Profile and Settings via the new Event Planning Dashboard.

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