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InConJunction Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Indianapolis, IN

Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel & Suites

July 5 - 7, 2002

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NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
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Various interesting panels, beginning Friday afternoon, will be scheduled for your enlightenment and enjoyment. Subjects range from the serious to the sublime.

If you would like to be part of a panel, have a programming suggestion, or a question about InConJunction's programming in general, contact our programming chairperson via e-mail or write to:

InConJunction 2002 - Programming
P.O. Box 68514
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514

Programming Schedule

Friday Plaza C Theater Suite 16 Suite 4 Suite 5 Suite 6 Suite 7
4:00 Play Practice Vacuum Form Costuming   Film Making E-mail Flame Fests David Brin Q&A  
5:00 History of Galactica Godzilla vs. JSDF Criminals in the Future David Brin Autographs
6:00 Starship 2 Why Collect Comics Living with the Fantasy Past  
7:00 Opening Ceremonies Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed Closed
8:00 Play
9:00 Dance Prep Astronomy 101 Charity Auction How to be kidnapped by Aliens Computer Gaming    
10:00 Dance Subgenius Devival    
11:00 3D Movie  

Saturday Plaza C Theater Suite 16 Suite 4 Suite 5 Suite 6 Suite 7
10:00 Musica Subterranea Dance Class Crocs from Hell Larry Bond Setup Americanization of Anime Model Panel Writers' Workshop: Banish Boredom 1 Holy Wars: Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy
11:00 Have you held DNA in your Hand? Closed Classic Comics Galactica: An overview Before Harry Potter
12:00 Musica Subterranea Concert What is up with all these Game Show Panels at SF Cons Larry Bond: Godzilla Vs Japan Paganism What is "over the top" Writers' Workshop: Lunch Break Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts
1:00 Dirk Benedict Collectibles: What you've got and how you got it. And the big one: Why do you keep it? e-Books vs. Dead Tree Books Church of the Subgenius Writers' Workshop: Banish Boredom 2 Alternate Time Lines
2:00 Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch & Jack Stauffer How Close is the Future Conspiracy Author Reading: Missouri Smith Cats in Fandom
3:00 Richard Hatch Whoosier Network Freedom of Religion means all Religions Movie Adaptations Life with Harry Potter Men in Tights and Capes
4:00 Beat the Geeks Status of Doctor Who Murder Mystery Play Kit Bash Writers' Workshop: Making them Breath  Windows CE (Pocket PC) vs. Palm
5:00 Cabaret with Jack Stauffer Video Trivia Who will watch the Kids Fragmented Fandom
6:00 Art Auction Top 10 Worst Videos   Space: 1999  Sci-Fi/Fantasy beliefs and lifestyles vs. the Moral Majority History of the Internet
7:00 Starship 2 Musica Subterranea Concert Anime Cons Love Goddesses
8:00 Who's Line is it? Homes of the Future High-profile Genre Films Sci-Fi Costuming
9:00 Masquerade Starship Commentary   Interspecies Sex   God and Mathematics: How many dimensions does it take to turn God
10:00 Dance Prep   Modern Vampires Slash Fiction (PG13)
11:00 Dance      

Sunday Plaza C Theater Suite 16 Suite 4 Suite 5 Suite 6 Suite 7
10:00 Larry Bond Q&A Online Comic Strips   Con Chair Galactica Costuming Nondenominational Church Service  
11:00 Richard Hatch Discussion on Self-Recording Network vs. Cable What is new in Comics  
12:00 Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict & Jack Stauffer   Mucking it Up Religions in Literature
1:00 Dirk Benedict Taking McDonalds with us Female Gamers Ugly Heroes
2:00 What makes a movie or TV villain great? Cat Girls in Anime Pendulum Delving Girl Cooties
3:00 Sound Track Envy Spiders in SF&F Historical Re-enactment Alternate Lifestyle Families

If you want to download a copy of the schedule there are Microsoft Word Document and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet versions available for download.

NOTE: This page contains archived web-site content.
Go to the InConJunction Home Page to view the information for the current year.

Would you like to volunteer to help out with the convention? Do you want to apply to be a participating guest, artist, or vendor? Do you have promotional items you want to provide or items that you'd like to donate to our charity auction? Want to receive the latest convention flyer and be kept informed of upcoming events? You can do all this and more via our Online Address Book form. All InConJunction participants (both approved and those pending approval) can login and update their Participant Profile and Settings via the new Event Planning Dashboard.

Send an E-Mail to the current Convention Chair-Person at if you would like any additional information about InConJunction. Send an E-Mail to the convention webmaster at with questions or comments about the InConJunction web page.

InConJunction is dedicated to providing a harassment-free convention experience for everyone. This policy applies to all participants, whether Convention Committee members, volunteers, vendors, invited guests or paying attendees.

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