Bill Forstchen
Author Guest of Honor

Bill Forstchen is an assistant professor of history at Montreat College, Montreat NC. Attending Purdue University from 1989-1994 he hold a Ph.D. in American History, with a specialization in the American Civil War. Bill first novel The Ice Prophet (Del Rey Books) was published in 1983. Bill main project of late has been his best selling Lost Regiment series (Roc Books) with eight volumes that follow the adventures of a Civil War regiment from Maine the is straded on another world inhabited by aliens who view guests for dinner. Billís hobbies include civil War reenacting, scuba diving, and being academic mentor to your con-chair. Bill attended several InConjunctions while going to Purdue, his favorite experience being the honor of sharing a bottle of champagne with his idol and rolemodel L. Sprague de Camp.

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