Art Show
We've always been very proud of the quality of the artwork displayed in our art show. We'd like to invite any artist to display their Science Fiction, Space or Fantasy art with us. Three bids will take your piece to auction, with a 10% commission on all sales.
For information on having your artwork displayed, contact:
InConJunction XIX - Art Show Info
c/o Dave Henninger
P.O. Box 68514
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514

Artist Listing

  • Pat Rawlings
  • Robin R. Brunner
  • David Henninger
  • Lisa Easley
  • Steve Peters
  • Sharon Young
  • Lar deSouza
  • David Edward Martin
  • Greyson Stoehr
  • Alan Gutierrez
  • James Clouse
  • Darren Merritt
  • Ellisa Mitchell
  • Deborah Larson
  • Lew Hartman
  • C Kathleen Summers
  • Stanley Morrison
  • Doug Chaffee
  • Heather Thompson
  • John Garner
  • Denise Boie
  • Ruth Thompson
  • Earlynn Collier
  • Lynda Ward
  • A. G. Howard

Send an E:Mail to the Con-Chair at or if you'd like further information about InConJunction XIX or would like to help out with the convention.