Mike Resnick
Author Guest of Honor

Mike has the rare honor of being one of the most award nominated authors of our time. He has been nominated for thirteen Hugos, six Nebulas, a Clarke (British), and five Seiun-shos (Japanese). He's even won a few awards as well. Since 1989, Mike has won three Hugo Awards (Kirinyaga, The Manamouki, and Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge), a Nebula Award (Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge). He has also won four Homer Awards, an Alexander Award, a Golden Pagoda Award, a Hayakawa SF Award, and has topped the S. F. Chronicle Poll five times. His recent works include A Miracle of Rare Design, The Widowmaker, Widowmaker Reborn, The Widowmaker at Bay and Solo Flights Through Shared Worlds.

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