Various interesting panels, beginning Friday afternoon, will be scheduled for your enlightenment and enjoyment. Subjects range from the serious to the sublime.

If you would like to be part of a panel or have a programming idea, contact:

InConJunction XVIII - Programming
P.O. Box 68514
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0514

Program Listing
NOTE: Although this list is pretty solid, it is subject to additions, corrections and deletions. Some panels may be deleted for lack of time or qualified panelists and others may be added. The final schedule will be distributed at the conven tion.

Writing Panels
  • Was it Good for You Two (sic)? Collaborations
  • The Future of the Book World - both SF and Mundane - "Is that a computer in your bathtub?"
  • Horror Reading: Friday at Midnight
  • World Weavers - Learn more about the world of interactive internet fiction writing.
  • World Building or playing in someone else's universe - easier or more difficult than your own backyard?
  • Tales from the Slush pile OR "But that Lavender ribbon looks terrific with Pink Paper" How NOT to get your work noticed."
  • Screenwriting and the Movie world from a Resnick's Eye View
  • Mike Resnick's hour
  • SF Cultural Literacy: What every devoted reader of the genre ought to know
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith Hour - Come hear was it is really like to be an editor.
  • Early Fandom - tales from the Golden (or at least silver) age of Science Fiction
  • Horror in the afternoon - how to scare people on a bright sunny day.
  • Poetry Panel

Art Panels
  • Vincent DiFate's Hour - slide show
  • Vincent DiFate's Technical Hour - a chance for other artists to trade questions, suggestions and techniques with our artist guest of honor.
  • Art as creative hobby and art as profession - what it takes to turn pro and finding creative sources of income
  • Art in the New Millenium - not just SF art. If a 2 year old can produce it, is it still art?
  • The Masquerade - have costume contests, and judges, eschewed costuming for performance art?

  • Comics - Should it be so real it Hurts?
  • Do You Know Where Your Favorite Publisher is?
    Future of comics in books & other media.

Religions - Real & Otherwise
  • Religious influences in Science Fiction. We're not quite all atheists (from a literature point of view).
  • Faith & Fandom - Can you be a member of a traditional Judeo-Christian Sect and still be a fan
  • Non-Denominational Church Services
    Come join us early Sunday morning for a serious judeo-christian church service.
  • The First Church of Chocolate
  • Devival - Church of the Subgenius. Come celebrate the end of the world. Ranji Portajoni; Steve Jackson; Jeff Thompson; Rob Pyatt and many more.
  • Paganism - what is it really?
  • Magick & Technology - Is there a serious connection?

  • Trivia Contest - a perennial favorite hosted by the Jeff and Rob Production Team. Prizes awarded for great knowledge or great Gaffs at the discretion of the hosts.
  • Top 10 worst Videos (in the Video room)
    A Jeff & Rob Production and another perenial favorite
  • A Ton of Puns. An oldy but goody. Extra Credit for new ones.
  • Filking Concert - 2 hours - Saturday
  • Filking panel Sunday
  • Demonstrations - SCA Saturday morning
  • Filking all day in piano alcove
  • The Christopher Reeves Charity Auction
    Friday after Play.
  • Kit Building Contest - George Starkey & Lisa Easley
    A favorite competition. You have two hours to create something from a standard model kit. Major points off for anything that resembles the picture on the box.
  • This Lighter side of Conspiracy - Don't leave your sense of humor at the door.
  • XFILES - The truth is in the theatre (and does anyone really care anymore?)
  • Alt.History.Whatif
  • Whose line is it anyway? Two teams will battle it out to depict the audiences suggestions (ie. Darth Vader washing the dishes and Mars Lander lands on Mars). This year, the tried and true comedy duo of George Starkey and Kevin Spencer take on the infa mous Jeff & Rob Production Team.
  • The Play's The Thing - Missouri Smith's murder mystery.
  • The Resale Market in Fannish Collectibles and SF Art
  • Star Trek: Is it treking over hill?
  • SF movies: Discussion of this years Gangbusters and Dudley DoWrongs.

  • Steve Jackson's hour (going into autograph session)
  • Gaming for Fun and Profit. Is it possible to have fun and do well without spending a fortune?
  • Interactive Gaming Panel
  • Gaming Awards Non-Banquet (sunday 2:30)

  • "Help - My Head is Frozen and I can't thaw it out - an update on ALCOR"
    Steve Bridges; Steve Jackson;
  • Dinosaurs 301. Come and ask questions of our resident expert(s)
    Dr. James Farlow
  • Tracks, Bones and Big Dumb Birds: Identifying the Makers of Dinosaur Footprints"
    Dr. James Farlow
  • Water on the Moon. What, if anything, will we do with it?
  • The Year in Science - Advances, changes, and forecasting from 1998 to the future (cloning, mad cow).
  • Teaching the Future: How will, should and has education been affected by changes in technology, science and society.

  • Internet History and Future
  • Will the Internet Unite the World? If so, when? Pro and Con
  • Help! My drink holder is a CD Rom! True technical horror stories. (They must have happened to YOU or to someone in your office) If Ghod and/or the panel decides it is urban folklore the moderator can make the speaker pay a forfeit to entertain the aud ience (i.e. cluck like a chicken; do the hula, etc.)
  • Bit and Byte - the Click and Clack of the computer world.
    Come with your questions.
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